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Shabd ( 2005 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: Author Shaukat Vashisht (Sanjay Dutt) lives a wealthy life-style with his wife, Antara (Aishwarya Rai) who is a college teacher. Shaukat achieves fame when he is nominated for the Booker prize, and goes on to win it. His publishers, hoping that they have unleashed a goldmine, are disappointed with his subsequent works, and soon Shaukat is depressed to the etxent that he almost gives up writing. Then he decides to manufacture a realistic story by making Antara hide her marital status to Yash (Zayed Khan)� a dashing young man who admires her, and pursue a relationship with him. Things go wrong as Antara begins to have real feelings for Yash. Whatever Shaukat pens turn out to be true. He starts believing he can change their fate by his writing, and writes according to his logic that Yash would commit suicide after getting to know Antara�s reality. But Antara comes to know of this soon. She now has to figure out a way out for both Yash and herself.

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