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Shakti ( 1993 ) , Bengali

Synopsis: " Shakti on 1993 Bengali film starring Chiranjeet, Rajeswari Roy Choudhury, Satabdi Roy, Anamika Saha & others. The Bengali film is directed By Bidesh Sarkar, Nayan Majumdar scored the music in this Film. The story is as Shakti a simple looking girl became IPS officer. She got married to Dibakar, who was a doctor and posted in North Bengal. Shati took North Bengal posting. Where she faced a notorious criminal whose name was Arjun Singh. She put her every effort to stop him. Her only child was cared by Maya. Oneday Arjun attacked Shakti's house. Dibakar was injured and Maya flew away with Shakti's child. Later Maya forgot everything in a disease. Nayan the only child of Shakti and Dibakar grew up in a small hut where Maya lived with her brother's family. Later Nayan came to Shakti for a job and guidance. Shakti helped Nayan to get a job in police. At last, Shakti and Nayan jointly encountered and punished Arjun for his antisocial activities. In the encounter, Nayan was injured and admitted in hospital. Maya rushed to hospital to see Nayan and Shakti also came there. They came to know everything and Shakti and Dibakar got back their own child after a long time. Visit us at "

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