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Sharaabi ( 1984 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: Vicky Kapoor (Amitabh Bachchan), the only son of multi-millionaire industrialist, Amarnath, grows up to be an alcoholic. Amarnath has detached himself completely from Vicky�s life, and provides him money in lieu of affection and care. As a result Vicky turns resentful towards his father and leaves no stone unturned to mock and belittle him at every available opportunity. Amarnath hopes to get his son married, but Vicky loves the daughter of a poor blind man, Meena (Jaya Prada), which is not acceptable to Amarnath. Amarnath then throws him out of his house. A penniless Vicky relieved of being freed from his dad�s control finds himself on the streets�

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