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Sharafat Chhod Di Maine ( 1976 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " Sharafat Chhod Di Maine (1976). Synopsis : Raju, a good hearted, tough and rough village guy was in love with a village belle Preeeta (an introvert). Raju was very possesive about his love, but Preeta's father married her to somebody else. Raju was shocked and as jilted over, he chose the wrong path of life......... He vowed to take revenge from the entire women folk and have no sympathy towards them............. He came to city and with the association of Rai Sahib he became a rich man............. Our story is Raju's story. A man's story who was jilted over like Devdas................ Raju's story is the unique story of revenge, his revenge towards entire woman folk. But where did it lead him is a big question ? You get the answer in a BIGWAY in the magnificient movie marvel ""SHARAFAT CHHOD DI MAINE"". "

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