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Shatabdir Galpo ( 2003 ) , Bengali

Synopsis: " Shatabdir Galpo was released on 2003 Bengali film starring Debashree Roy, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Supriya Debi, Depankar Dey, Mitali Chakraborty, Ramaprasad Banik, Manoj Mitra, Sunil Mukherjee, Partha Sarathi Deb, Sunil Mukherjee, Monu Mukherjee, Kharaj Mukherjee. The Bengali film is directed by Raj Mukherjee, Bikram Ghosh scored the music in the film. The story encompasses the plight of Labanya Naskar, the wife of a 'darwan', Bhimkanta in a Government office. Her husband commits suicide unable to face up to his rising debts and Labanya, pregnant with her second child, has no alternative but to take refuge with her brother Ashit. Aware of the fact that his sister could come into a fair amount of money and also get a job because of governmental regulations, he shows her false solicitued but at last gives her shelter in his house, Labanya tries desperately to obtain her late husband's terminal benefits but, although all the concerned officials in Bhimkanta's office express their sorrow at his passing, nobody is willing to take the necessary action for the release of these benefits. It is at this stage that Dasu, an old friend of Bhimkanta, comes to Labanya's aid and moves from pillar to post ot get her rightful dues out, but all he gets are jibes from the twisted minds of the office 'babus' (Government officer), who find the relationship between Labanya and Dasu highly suspicious. However, Dasu fights on and it is due to his dogged persistence that Labanya's file moves at all. In the meantime, Labanya faces similar suspicions enen on her home front with Dasu. She is forced to beg on the streets to try and make ends meet. And one day while she is begging , she is foreced to beg on the streets to try and make ends meet. And one day while she is begging, she goes into labour on a railway platform and a son is born to her. with the additional burden of looking after her newborn child. her world fails apart. She goes to her late husband's office and there pleads repeatedly to the 'babus' - but all to no avail. Two years pass by and things turn worse. Her brother throws her out of his house, Dasu, her loyal friend, can't take this apathy anymore and goes berserk in the office leading to his being put in jail. From here onwards. Labaya's tale becomes a litany of exploitation. One of the senior bureaucrats at Bhimkanta's office seduces her with the promise of imminent relief. One of the 'Darwans' (office watchman) tricks her into leaving her eleven - year-old daughter alone at home and then rapes the little girl. All Labanya can do is wail out her woes to the unfeeling skies above. She has finally to turn to prostitution, more for the sake of her sick son than for the own and moreover, about the sanctity of her body - she doesn't care anymore. while plying her new trade, she comes across a very influential businessman who takes a fancy to her. He is sympathetic and, when he comes to know of her past history, promises to help her get her rightful dues from the government office which has scorned the for so many years. and to demonstrate the power of influence in our current day society, he indeed taps the right sources and gets Labanya's money out of the machinations of the official bureaucracy in eight days flat. But by then, Labanya has had enough. She tears up the cheque bearing her dues and laughs out loud. The laughter of the downtrodden. The laughter of the exploited. The laughter of one whom the system has brought to her knees .......... but who has survived it all. The laughter of the 'Victor' ! Visit us at "

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