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Shirdi ( 2007 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " There are two brothers Krishna (Krishna) and Kiran (Sai Kiran). As Kiran's mother dies when he was a child, Krishna's wife (Radhika) brings him up as if he was their own child as they have no children on their own. While Krishna is a staunch devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba, Kiran is an atheist and doesn't have any belief in God. However, his wife Santhi (Manasa) is again a strong believer of Baba. Despite severe persuasion by his brother and his company MD (Mallikarjuna Rao), Kiran did not believe Baba. Once, an idol of Baba breaks in the hands of Kiran and Krishna feels bad about it and suspects that something wrong was about happen in their house. As was predicted by him, Santhi slips on the staircase and gets admitted to hospital. Doctors say that she was suffering from blood cancer / leukaemia which has no cure. However, miraculously she gets cured because of the prayers offered by Krishna. This makes Kiran believe that Baba is all-powerful. When Kiran asks Krishna to tell me something about Baba, he gives the life history of Baba and asks him to read it. From then on, the director portrays the life history of Baba, the same old story narrated for several times on the screen. "

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