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Shradha Ne Sathaware ( 1995 ) , Gujarati

Synopsis: " Shradha Ne Sathware This movie is based on the most renowned saint Shri Revapuri. Samantpuri and Manora live very religious life. They have everything in their life, except one child. One day saint Purnanand comes to this couple's house. Saint Purnanand takes this couple to Kashi so to get the blessings of his master Saint Atmanand Guruji. After coming out from the meditation, Saint Atmanand gives blessings so that Manroma can become a mother. But Manorama was not capable to conceive a child so how she can become a mother? Now to give happiness to his staunch devotees, Saint Atmanand himself born as a son to Manorama. The son grown up and becomes the most famous saint Revapuri. It will be interesting to watch how saint Revapuri transforms the lives of goons and dacoits. Watch this movie to know that why saint Revapuri took a Samadhi at the Alaarsaa village of Taluka Borsad in the province of Charotar. Even today thousands of followers visit this pious place and gets blessings of this great saint. "

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