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Shubhmangal Savadhan ( 2006 ) , Marathi

Synopsis: " Shubhmangal Saavdhan is a delightful family entertainer that revolves around the love life of Yash - Niranjan Namjoshi and Supriya - Urmila Kanitkar. Yash belongs to a wealthy and sophisticated family. They live a stylish lifestyle with a contemporary outlook. Supriya is the only daughter of a wealthy villager - Ashok Saraf who has conventional beliefs. Yash falls in love with Supriya. Now, both of them decide to tell their respective parents about their marriage plans. They successfully do so and now its time for their families to take the decision. Yash's parents - Reema Lagoo, Vijay Chavhan do not have any issues with the to-be bride, Supriya but her father's lifestyle bothers them. They mock her father for his frugal lifestyle. Destiny anyways, ties these lovers in the bond of an unbreakable relationship. Now, will their families create unnecessary issues in their marital life? "

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