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Siddharth - The Prisoner ( 2009 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: "Siddharth Roy gets discharged from jail, and with his lawyer's assistance, returns to his rental flat in Mumbai and is asked to consider a divorce settlement from his wife, Maya. While in his flat he finalizes a manuscript titled 'The Prisoner', and then attends the Om Shree Internet Cafe to email publisher, Tim Wright. When he returns home he finds that the briefcase he got from the Internet caf��� is not his, and contains Rs. 20 Lakhs in cash. He decides to keep the cash, and returns to the caf��� to see if he can locate his briefcase in order to get his book published. He does not do so - but is unaware that the briefcase belongs to a gangster, Atul Bhai, who has already assigned two armed men, Amin Bhai, and Aseem, to get it back, while the caf��� attendant, Mohan, who had Googled Siddharth, is actively engaged in locating him."

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