SIMHADWANI ( 1985 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: In this movie Suresh Gopi does Journalist role.sujatha is a judge she will be undertaking case of Urvashi she is dancer she gets into trouble because of her friend and she has been arrested by the police under the prostitution act gopi wants take her photo she throws his camera down near the court even after it gopi prints the matter in the news paper and send one copy to her. seeing she replies to him. knowing about her gopi feels disappointed and he wants to help her. so with help of lawyer he meets urvashi and she explains him every thing .lawyer is senior to sujatha he goes to her place and shows proof that her son- in- law is involved in the case soon after that sujatha comes to know that urvashi is her daughter. whole movie revolves around urvashi how she comes out of the case .How Gopi helps her and persons behind her go behind the bars.

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