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Singapore ( 1960 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " Super Hit movie Singapore (1960) Synopsis : The Bollywood Movie Singapore is Thiller Film directed by Shakti Samanta. The story narrates about Ramesh who runs rubber exports in Singapore and he has an employer Shyam who is in India. When Ramesh is suddenly disappears so Shyam travels to Singapore to find out the mystery behind his absence. In his search he meets Lata an Indian dancer and comes to know that Lata\'s sister Shobha is infatuated by Ramesh so he visits thier place frequently, he meets Shivdas who is uncle of Lata. Then after some incidents Shivdas is killed by someone but Shyam embroiled in a mystery as well as arrested for a murder. The rest of the story deals how escapes from this case and how he find and save his boss Ramesh? "

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