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Sipayi ( 1996 ) , Kannada

Synopsis: " Shanti is an innocent, pampered village girl, who dreams to be a Princess. Sipayi, is a tough and a good guy, who likes Shanti. Sipayi fights against the bad and punishes the wicked. During one of the fights, the villain tries to mess Sipayi's life.The villain puts forth a challenge against Shanti's father and demands his daughter if he loses. Shanti's father loses the challenge. Knowing this Sipayi comes and takes Shanti, but the elders of the village stop him and ask him to wait for the judgement. Shanti's father agrees to give Shanti to zamindar's son. Finally Shanti's marriage gets settled with Zamindar's son. Sipayi later comes to know that Shanti is cheated. On the day of marriage, when Sipayi fights against the people, his friend Chandru comes , helps Sipayi and gets them both married. But Shanti, doesn't love Sipayi, Chandru convinces and explains Shanti about Sipayi. Chandru and Sipayi happen to be warriors, and in a war, Chandru loses his life. Shanti later realizes the value of Sipayi. "

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