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Sivamettina Satyam ( 1980 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Satyam (Krishnan Raju) leads a very simple life with his wife Radha (Sharadha) and sister Laxmi (Geeta). Radha delivers a baby boy and Satyam starts dreaming of his bright future. But unfortunately, Satyam suffers a loss in agriculture and had to leave his house to find some job in the city. There he meets a business man whom Satyam once saved from an accident. The businessman appoints Satyam in his factory and pays him well. But Satyam is unaware of the fact that the businessman is cheating on him and is involving him in illegal activities. What will be Satyam's reaction when he comes to know about these activities. Check out the whole story in the movie Sivamettina Satyam. "

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