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Sivappu Sooriyan ( 1983 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Vijay (Rajnikanth) comes home on leave to meet his sister Selvi (Saritha) and her husband Vishwanthan (Delhi Ganesh). However, he learns that they have gone missing. While he is searching for them, he bumps into Chitra (Radha) who falls in love with him. With Chitra's help, Vijay is able to find Selvi, but is shocked when he learns that her husband is missing and she has stopped speaking. Unable to make Selvi speak but determined to resolve her troubles, Vijay takes help from his friend Vidyasagar (Y.G. Mahendran) in discovering that Vishwanthan had been the sole eyewitness to a serious crime and had testified in court against the accused. It seems, he is being tortured by some goons who have threatened Selvi to not breathe a word about this. Vijay decides to disguise himself as a smuggler and to get into the underworld. Is he successful or will he also be forced to succumb to the goons' threats forms the rest of the story. "

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