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Siyasat ( 2009 ) , Punjabi

Synopsis: " The word Siyasat means ""Governance"", The act of governing. It relates to decisions that define expectations, grant power, or verify performance. These processes and systems are typically administered by a government. This film is completely based on Governance and the dirty politics which played within the government where corrupt politicians conspire to fulfill their selfish motives. Prof. Gernail Singh who wants to create awakening among his village men to not to sell their lands as this will leave them nowhere, but on the other side the NRI man 'Virk' who wants to purchase all the land to make a city of his own and then reselling it on the double rates by taking the help of politicians including The Minister, S.S.P. who fell for the bait of money, arrests the professor and his two students by putting them in jail for the offense they never did. The guru who once was dragged by the politicians in the same way but had managed to save himself and was declared dead by the government helps the three men in escaping, and later teaches them to fight against all the bad evils. Check out the movie to know will the three be able to fight against all the wrongs? Will the NRI be successfull in purchasing all the land from the villagers? "

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