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Slum Bala ( 2008 ) , Kannada

Synopsis: Slum Bala' is a muscle man but not much of brain. A thorough rounding off of criminals in Bangalore is the result of 'Gadipaar' order for Slum Bala. Bala goes to Mumbai and works as a bouncer in a private bar. He meets Mallige (Shuba Punj) the girl in distress and he guards her modesty. Bala living with Razak (Sathya) are asked to come to Bangalore on an important assignment to shoot out Cable Manja (Dharma). Bala agreeing to police demand learns the knack of holding pistol and he is brought in front of an MLA contestant Prasad (Suresh). Bala learning handling of pistol from Shanker (Achuyth) working on the instructions of senior cop Shanthakumar (Shashi Kumar) becomes almost a puppet. Yet he is daring and he successfully kills Cable Manja the main hardship of politician Prasad for his election to the post of MLA. Slum Bala becomes Bangalore Bala and he earns respect and money for his daringness.

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