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Sree Varu ( 1985 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Sobhan babu is a middle class man who lives a simple life. He falls in love with Vijaya shanti, who happens to be the daughter of a rich man. She grows up in a very pampered way and is used to all the luxuries in life. Sobhan and Vijaya get married and begin their journey as wife and husband. But the differences in their life styles become too hard to ignore. It becomes very difficult for her to adjust under such circumstances and finds it hard to give up her old way of life. Inspite of Sobhan Babu's attempts to make her happy she doesn't appreciate it and when he tries to explain to her that things are different, now that they're married, she doesn't listen to him. This leads to misunderstandings & problems in their married life. These differences also effect their son. Whether the couple sort out their differences and reconcile or not is the theme of the story. "

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