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Sumathi En Sundari ( 1971 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Actress Sumathi (Jayalalitha) wants to lead a normal life without drawing much attention from anybody. While she is on her way to an outstation shoot, she misses her train and takes shelter at estate Manager Madhu's (Shivaji Ganesan) house. Fortunately for her, no one recognises her. She lies to Madhu that she has run away from home and that her name is Sundari. On the other hand, she discovers that Madhu has lied to his employer that he is already married and therefore everyone in the estate takes it for granted that she is his wife. Madhu and Sumathi have no option but to pretend to be husband and wife in public. Eventually, they fall in love with each other. Meanwhile, all hell breaks loose at the shooting spot when the crew learns that the heroine is missing. The film's director reaches the same estate where Madhu works and Sumathi panics that the cat will soon be out of the bag. Will Sundari be forced to become Sumathi again or will she marry the man she loves and lead a happy life? "

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