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Sunayana ( 1978 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: "Rajoo (Naseeruddin Shah) is a kind hearted villager who helps a poor blind girl he meets in the city to gain her vision. He meets with all kinds of people in the process. He finally meets Dr Indrajeet (Vijayendra Ghatge) who can operate on Sunayana and arranges to pay him a sum of Rs.2000. Dr Indrajeet lives with his mom (Sulochana), and sister, beautiful Sushma (Gayetri). When Sunayana is cured, Rajoo ends up in prison and Dr Indrajeet takes her home and introduces her to his family. When Rajoo is released and comes to see Sunayana, he finds out she and Dr Indrajeet are about to be married that very same day. "

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