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Suprabhatam ( 1975 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " A poor devotee suffering a lot and worshipping Lord Vishnu, At Vaigundam Vishnu were explaining Karma theory to Lakshmi. Clap from audience, Perumal (M.N.Nambiar) one among the audience in the theater, He give voice to support Karma Theory. Perumal is Vishnu devotee, daily he goes to Vishnu temple offers pooja. Narayanan(Gopalkrishnan) graduation in sculpture coming with planning map of constructing temple for Vishnu its desire of his brother. Narayanan arrested and convicted for murder case. Vishnu take avatar like Narayana. But real Narayana escapes from jail. He started constructing temple for Vishnu. Another side Perumal take pilgrimage to north and comes back both were involving in the construction work. Narayanan run off from Jail. Cops were running after him. At the climax, everyone is confused state of mind, suspense goes on? Or god appeared before and revealing the truth? The story end here, once everyone enlightened by truth. "

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