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Surer Bhubaney ( 1992 ) , Bengali

Synopsis: " The Bengali Film Surer Bhubaney was released In the Year 1992 starring Tapas Pal, Prasenjit, Samit Bhanja, Haradhan Banerjee, Subhendu Chatterjee, Mrinal Mukherjee, Ashok Kumar, Indrani Dutta, Rupa Ganguly. The Bengali film is directed by Prabir Mitra, Bappi Lahiri Scored the Music in the Film. The story is as Nandini is the only daughter of a poor widow who goes through extreme difficulties to raise her young girl. Nandini's father had died mysteriously and it was suspected that his friend had committed the murder. He was seen often in the mother-daughter's house pretending to be their well-wisher but actually all he wanted was the house which was their only possession. Nandini admires Ranjan, a violinist with talent who earned his bread by teaching music to the village kids. Their admiration turns into love and Nandini conceives. Her mother is not able to tolerate this news and commits suicide. Ranjan is not able to provide the social status to Nandini and she leaves the village and goes away. An old muslim finds her lying on the road. He adopts her and lets her stay with him. Nandini is blessed with a baby boy and she befriends the local Muslims who assist her is raising the kid. Meanwhile Ranjan comes to the city and meets Mitra, a charming young lady who helps him to become a famous musician. Mitra loved Ranjan but Ranjan has not forgotten Nandini. He does not stop his search to find her and ultimately he does find her. But its too late. Nandini was breathing the last few breaths on her death bed. She dies leaving her son in Ranjan's hands. Visit us at For Regular Updates, Click here at "

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