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Suvar Illatha Chithirangal ( 1979 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " The movie 'Suvar Illatha Chithirangal' traces the life and metamorphosis of a young girl, Saroja. Born in a very poor family, with a run away father and two brothers and a sister, Saroja leads a very childlike like life till she meets Murthy a rich guy and falls in love with him. Her happiness is short lived when she learns a devastating truth about her mother. She quits school and tries to make a decent living. Her lover is thrown out of his house by his father, and comes to live with them. Every step she takes is met with obstacles, and she realizes that her dream of leading a decent life is impossible. To add to her woes, her family members starve and she is also blamed for her little brother's death. What does life really have in store for her and her family? "

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