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Swarg Jaisa Ghar ( 1991 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " After the passing away of his mom, Raj's dad re-marries a cruel and embittered woman, who subsequently gives birth to two sons, Kiran and Amar. Thereafter his dad passes away, and he is left in the care of his uncaring step-mother. He proves to be ideal and obedient son, so much so that he ignores her vile remarks and treats her as his own mother. He is in love with Savitri and both plan to get married soon. Savitri arranges for Raj to meet with her businessman dad, but Raj does not show up. Subsequently, Savitri finds out that Raj's step-mother has passed away, and had made him promise to look after Kiran and Amar until they mature and stand on their own two feet. Raj accordingly decides not to marry Savitri. Years pass by, Kiran by grown up to be a professional, while Amar is studying. Raj hopes to see this step-brothers settle down before he can organize his own life - but fate has other plans and a lot more challenges in store for him. "

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