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Tansen ( 1943 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " Renowned, talent singer Tansen is settled in a small village. He has a lover whom he loves madly namely Tani. His singing talent pampers everyone in his village namely the animals, the Maharajas and other living organisms. A Maharaja Badshah Mohamed Jallaudin Akbar is pleased with Tansen singing talents and invites him to his palace. There, Tansen sings and the musical instruments start accompanying him on their own. Akbar, impressed with this, appoints Tansen as his Sangeet Samrat. When it is Akbars birthday, Tansen has a visitor none other than Tani, and he refuses to attend Akbars birthday celebration. Akbar himself comes to Tansens house, and meets with Tani. He tells Tani that Tansen is already married, and that she should leave immediately. Broken hearted Tani leaves and seeks some answers from life and a crunch that might as well destroys Tansen for life. "

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