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Tarangini ( 1982 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Rambabu (Suman) is a college going guy who stays with Gollapudi maruthi rao in a city. He fell in love with his classmate Tarangini. Rambabu caught to Gollapudi with his lover in his room . Rambabu sent Tarangini to ask her parents permission to bless their love. They don't accept her love. Hence Suman asks the help of gollapudi to get marry with his lover. Gollapudi tried and shocks on seeing her parents behaviour for asking Rambabu's knowledge in music, Karate. Gollapudi made a hilarious plan to make them accept to thier love. hence the story takes a interesting turn. Suman learns music, karate for the sake of her parents and made them happy to obey his love with tarangini. Rest of the story you can see in the movie. "

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