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Thaali Bhagyam ( 1966 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Nallasivam's family and Murugan's family are neighbors for generations. Both the family is very close to each other. Nalasivam's desire is to get his daughter Valli married to Murugan. One day Murugan along with Nalasivam goes to see a bride for Nallasivam. The bride, Kamalam, misunderstanding Murugan to be the groom agrees to the marriage. However on the marriage day she comes to know the truth and feels cheated. Even after marrying Nallasivam she is not able to remove Murugan's thought from her mind. One day in a weak moment she misbehaves with Murugan which is seen by Namchivayam. He takes this opportunity to blackmail Kamalam and get her do things against Murugan. Kamalam has no choice but to dance to Namachivayam's tune. Both together keep plotting against Murugan. How Murugan foils their plans and how finally truth prevails is what the movie is all about. "

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