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Thanthai Mel Annai ( 1988 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Bala Ram(Arjun) is an Orphan who grew Up in the hill, he joins collage and falls in love with a girl called Hema, when she introduced him to her father he shows of all his assets and ask him what do u possess .So Bala decides's to work for a ship yard company.On his way back home he meets a man of his age who is being robbed ,Arjun saves Vijay and safely drop's him home .Vijay and Bala becames best of friends .Hema's father and Vijays father are close friends .Hema gets to know that Bala is staying with Vijay ,mean while Vijay starts liking Hema and Bala gets to know about that What happens next watch the movie to know the rest. "

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