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Thodi Life Thoda Magic ( 2008 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " Super hit movie Thodi Life Thoda Magic (2008) Synopsis : Thodi Life Thoda Magic is a lighthearted story that attempts to understand the reasons behind happiness in life. People's lives are spent in daily routines, compromising relationships and in search of money. In these attempts to get through life, one ignores the smaller things that can influence one's emotions. Based on this premise, the story traces the explorations of MK (Jackie Shroff), a man who lives for the day and moment, and whose personality is underlined by a compassionate and caring soul. MK meets Siddharth (Saahil Chadha) and their friendship allows Siddharth to understand the true meaning of life. Naina (Meera Vasudevan), a young writer, learns to believe in herself and build newer and better relationships thanks to her interactions with MK. Similarly, MK changes the lives of other characters like Roshan (Arbaaz Khan), Ashima (Anita Raj) and Aditya (Parmeet Sethi). MK's charisma and insights of life help these people rediscover the magic behind human emotions and the importance of relationships. The film, through its central character, puts forth the message that life can be magical. "

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