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Thulli Thirinda Kaalam ( 1998 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Thulli Thirintha Kaalam revolves around the savior comes in the form of Kushboo. She writes love letters makes phone calls with the ghost name Devi to all the four and asks them to meet at places where they can see the real cruel world. She makes them see what others suffer. The foursome try to meet the Devi but end up seeing Roshini. So convenient that she is mentally handicapped, she makes them believe she was the one who they are all looking for. When Kushboo realizes the plan is not working and the four are actually scavenging with Roshini, she explodes with her flashback. Her younger brother was like these four with no definite plans for the future. His father advises a lot. Even the girlfriend, who takes Raguvaran advice, ditches Karan because he has no job to look after the family. The only solution he can think of is suicide. Having listened to the story Kusboo past life the foursome change their habit and demolish the wall. Suddenly the new generation of film makers have realized the present day youngsters are wasting their youth with stupid love and just time passing. "

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