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Thunaivan ( 1976 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Velayutham( AVM.Rajan) is a devotee and odd cookie living in one of the Murugan Temple. One day pearl gemstone missing from Murugan Idol. Every blamed Velayutham so he forced to leave the place.He comes to Coimbatore for livelihood. Velayutham then get companion of Paramashivam(Nagesh) and he become fruit-seller with help of Bama(Chachu). One day Velayutham get 10,000 bucks for remuneration. He start new business with Paramashivam and become big money bags in the city. He married to Maragatam(Sowcar Janaki) and here the perplex situation kick start. Both are in the different edge of the world,ideology. Maragatam is a born with silver spoon,strong atheist, believe in Darwin Theory.But Velayutham completely unhappy with her satirizing talk.So they always have dialectical relations which forced Maragatam to accept the almighty god.She refused to pick it up.Velayutham disappointed and both are not speaking to each other,meantime Maragatam gives birth to child.The child is unfortunately born as limby and paralyze. Distressed Maragatam step out from her believes take the child to all the Murugan Temple and deeply praying for child. At climax Kirupananda Variyar and K.P.Sundarambal assembled with them at temple singing and praying to god. God comes and bless the child? or Human believes is wrong? Watch out this debatable film. Cast:AVM.Rajan,Sowcar Janaki,Nagesh,Major Sunderajan. Music by K.V.Mahadevan. Song sung by T.M.S,L.R.Eswari,P.Susheela. Penned by Kannadasan and Maruthakasi and direction by M.A.Thirumugam. "

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