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Tiger Ramudu ( 1962 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Ramu is a studious and well mannered kid, who is praised by his teachers for his human values and consideration for others. His father is not rich financially but rich in knowledge. He recites the gist of sacred mythological books in simple language to the villagers, building awareness for human values. His mother is the opposite when it comes to scruples. When Ramu found a lost knife, and he wished to return it, she stops him. She tells him that there is nothing wrong in keeping what is found. Ramu begins to steal minor things and the mother, instead of rebuking him, praises him. Though the father predicts downfall of Ramu, he couldn't fight his wife, he remains helpless observer. Ramu grows up to a noted robber by the name 'Tiger Ramudu'. He is on the wanted person's list with a bounty of Rs.10,000/-. He continues with his exploits and now he leads a gang of thieves. The only rules they follow are never to hurt a person physically and share half the loot with the poor. He has a female accomplice called Chand who is a dancer. Government forwards his case to special officer, Prabhakar. During his investigations Prabhakar finds Chand's presence in some of the bigger thefts. He, along with another inspector, visits Chand as a patron. Ramu impersonates as a musician and entertains him. But before he escapes, the other inspector finds Ramu removing his guise. Finally Prabhakar tracks and attack Ramu's den. Ramu escapes and one of his men claim himself to be Tiger Ramudu before dying. Ramu, now calls himself Mohan and relocates to city and on the way finds himself an accomplice. Brahmam is a goldsmith. Ramu steals a gold chain from Radha while faking to save her from drowning. He establishes a gold shop in partnership with Brahmam. Juliet is Brahmam's girl friend. Radha comes to their shop to buy a necklace. Since she didn't have enough money she invites Ramu to her home to collect the money. Ramu finds himself at Prabhakar's residence as he is Radha's brother. Radha is in love with Mohan alias Ramu. Ramu plans to marry Radha so that he can keep law on his side. Prabhakar agrees to the alliance and Ramu and Radha get married. Ramu too falls in love with Radha. He wishes to change his life. Prabhakar finds false beard and mustache in Ramu's cigar case. He suspects that Ramu is none other than Tiger Ramudu. He confronts Ramu and tries to arrest him. On hearing this, Radha fell unconscious and Ramu escapes during the commotion. Radha gives birth to a baby boy Krishna. She could not bear to live at her brother's place any more. She looks for a place of her own and an occupation to raise her child. Ramu approaches her but she refuses to go with him. Ramu leaves her. He is a changed man. He gave up robbery. After a few years he returns to seek his wife and child. When Krishna falls sick, he takes money from Brahman. Brahmam reports to police about his whereabouts. Repentant Ramu surrenders himself to Prabhakar. Ramu blames his mother of misguidance and requests Radha to raise Krishna as an honorable citizen. "

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