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Till Theke Tal ( 1985 ) , Bengali

Synopsis: " The Bengali Film Till Theke Tal Was Released In The Year 1985 Starring Joy Banerjee, Tarun Kumar, Depankar Dey, Prasenjit, Mahua Roy Choudhury, Sumitra Mukherjee. The Bengali Film Is Directed by Santimoy Bandopadhyay. Chandidas Basu Scored the Music in the Film. Til Theke Tal is literally a much a do about nothing wherein villagers in Laugunj get busy on deciding who is the rightful owner of a gourd which had fallen from a plant.Bhojogobindo is a stationmaster and shares a bitter sweet relationship with his wife Nityakali. Nityakali is the president of the local Mahila Samiti. The Samiti aims at welfare of the women and does good for the village. Nityakali decides to wedge an open war against Gopi Mitra, another resident of the village known for his illegal transactions. Motia is Bhojia, a coolie's wife who helps Gopi Mitra in smuggling. Motia gets into a bad fight with a Mahila Samiti member villager because the latter cut a gourd from her gourd plant. This trivial issue is blown out of proportion and Mahila Samiti on one side and Gopi Mitra, Bhujia and Motia on the other side face off against each other and a series of other humorous incidents follow. Things go to such an extent wherein the trains travellling from the village are stopped. The matter is ultimately resolved by Nityakali's father Kuladananda who proves to everyone that Nityakali is the rightful owner of the land as well as the gourd plant and therefore, the gourd.Visit us at For Regular Updates, Click here at "

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