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Tora ( 2012 ) , Bengali

Synopsis: " Its secluded place in the country side in remote Assam. The place is surrounded by beautiful hills. There are two happy and friendly families who live in this quite area a little away from the main village. Tora, a seven - year -old girl belongs to one of the families and lives with parents Janaki and Puma. Puma, about 40, is a farmer who also has a small cycle repairing shed. The neighboring family too has three people Daba, Naba and their sick mother who is bed ridden . Deba who is about 40, is a widower and his younger brother Naba is a bachelor. Passionate lover of nature, Tora studies in a school. A conflict ensues over a piece of land between two families. Through a touching human tale. The film underlines the importance of Tora's innocence and empathy. "

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