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Trump Card ( 2010 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: "Wealthy Yashodhara Oberoi passes away and Mumbai-based businessman Rakesh Malhotra hopes to inherit much of her wealth but is in for a shock when he finds that the bulk of her estate (Rs900 crore) has been willed to three strangers, Rahul Juneja - who is the Editor of TV13 Channel and his two friends, Raj Kohli and Virendra Bhatnagar, who rescued her from bandits. Rakesh makes his displeasure known and shortly thereafter Virendra gets a phone call from his ex-girlfriend, Ruby, that their lives are in danger. Before they can respond, the police notify them that Ruby has been killed. Then someone tries to attack and kill Raj and Virendra but they manage to escape, and together decide to confront Rahul as they suspect he may be behind these attacks in order to try and usurp the entire estate. "

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