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Tum Karo Vaada ( 1993 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " After young Raj, who lives with his widowed mom, Rama, writes to jailed inmate St. Michael about how to escape from a maximum security prison, Michaels escapes, and decides to make Raj his disciple. Years later, Raj and Michael are still together and continue to pull a number of stunts to make fast money and better their lives. Raj meets with wealthy Soniya and both fall in love with each other. It is then Rama tells Raj that his dad's business partner, Dilip, had tricked his dad into signing away his entire estate, killed him, and left them penniless. Raj along with Michaels decides to teach Dilip a lesson. He gets to meet Dilip, who now runs a gambling den and casino, befriends him, and tricks him into losing almost all his wealth. An enraged Dilip hires several men to find Raj and bring him back to alive, so that he get his money back. Raj is all set to defend himself and kill Dilip, until he finds out that Dilip is none other than Soniya's dad. "

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