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U & I ( 2010 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " This story is about a girl Swathi who is a very happy-go-lucky girl with no inhibitions. She encourages book donation and makes sure that she does it personally by spreading this concept in all colleges. She happens to meet a guy through Orkut and falls in love. That guy ditches her. Shocked and sensitive Swathi decides to commit suicide. She goes to a railway track to end her life. At this time, she receives a phone call from a lady. This lady tells Swathi that because of her promoting book donation, her son has been able to study and get a gold medal. This makes Swathi very happy and also induces in her a fresh and positive outlook towards life. She realises that since she has the opportunity to help others, she should not end her life. She decides to forget her past and keep up the good work she has been doing. While this is going on, she meets a guy, Adi who plans on committing suicide due to very silly reasons. She takes it upon herself to teach Adi the value of life and how to win even against the adverse circumstances. She does a complete makeover for Adi where he changes from a loser to a winner and in the process they both get attracted to each other. At this point, Adi comes to know about the video and there is little drama towards the climax. "

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