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Uljhan ( 2001 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " Varun lives a wealthy lifestyle with his grandmother, and adopted brother, Prashant, who takes care of the family business. His grandma would like him to get married to a girl of her choice, but he is in love with Anjali Mathur. when his grandma finds out, she arranges their marriage, but Anjali loves Prashant and refuses to marry Varun under any circumstances. Then one day while traveling in a car, both Varun and Anjali are gravely injured in an accident. While Anjali walks away with minor injuries, Varun is disfigured and must have plastic surgery to be himself again. Anjali looks after him, begins to understand and falls in love with him, only to find out that he has lost his memory. Despite of that, both get married and settle down to a harmonious lifestyle, with a heartbroken Prashant disappearing from their lives. Then one day Varun finds out that Anjali is still in love with Prashant and has been meeting himRang (1993) is a particular movie especially because of the tragic death of its main actress, a star who had just appeared in the movie sky and had earned the hearts of a whole generation. It's a drama of Talat Jani starring Divya Bharti, Ayesha Jhulka, Jeetendra, Amrita Singh, Kamal Sadanah and others. Divya Barti was a very beautiful nice girl, one of the most talented and finest actress. She died in the same year before the film was released, unfortunately too young (her 19th age). Bhagavan aapki atma ko shanti pradaan kare. A big loss for us all. It's about Kajal (Divya Bharti) and Pooja (Ayesha jhulka), two classmates who fall in love with the same man, Yogi (Kamal Sadanah). Both girls find out later that they are real sisters and that their parents were very much in love but who are separated because of a big misunderstanding After it has been decided who marries Yogi, the both want to reunite their parents... The movie Rang has one of the best romantic songs collection composed by the famous duo Nadeem "

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