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Ullathai Allitha ( 1996 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Raja (Karthick) is the son of the very strict and disciplinarian Colonel Chandrashekhar (Jai Ganesh). Raja's marriage is fixed with Indu (Rambha), the daughter of Chandrashekar's friend, Viswanathan. However, when Indu's photo is shown to Raja, he somehow happens to see a picture of another girl who is fat and ugly. Fed up of his father's extreme strictness and not wanting to marry the fat girl, Raja runs away from home. He is prodded on to do so by his cousin brother Shankar. Shankar is glad to have removed the thorn, Raja, from his path as now, he can usurp the Colonel's property. Meanwhile, Raja accidentally lands up at Viswanathan's house. Unaware of his true identity, Viswanathan hires him as a driver. Here, he meets Indu and falls in love with her. Meanwhile, Viswanathan's twin brother Kasinathan is released from jail. He tries to impersonate Viswanathan. Raja learns of this and comes to the rescue of Viswanathan. Tremendous confusion follows... What happens next? "

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