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Umasundare ( 1970 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: This is a periodic film in this movie Nadamuri Tarakarama Rao is a prince of Rayadurga kingdom. In the mean while Nagiaha(Maharaja) plans for the marriage of her sister princess of the kingdom. He will be searching for a brave warrior to match her. Therefore he finds NTR and arranges marriage between them. He gives birth to six children later due to some reasons princess get separated from her brother maharaja because of mis understandings between her and maharajas wife she changes maharaja's mind and get them separated later ntr falls into trouble and will be in difficult situations he gets separated from princess and children then enters in to the scene Nagabhushanam the whole story revolves around him how he helps Ntr getting back his family and meets maharaja and how maharaja comes to know cruel nature of his wife.

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