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Uncle ( 2000 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Raj(Tarun) is a rich student studying away from his parents. He treats AVS, an attender in his college, as a friend and philosopher. They share happy moments and one day new girl Pallavi joins their college. After initial misunderstandings Tarun finally woos Pallavi and the group is shocked to know that AVS has served a 14- year sentence for killing his manager. AVS revealing his true identity to his friends narrates that he has lost his childhood in poverty and had a happy life with his wife and two year old girl. His arrogant wife chides him for his largesse and AVS helps many without minding her words. His manager takes his signature and frauds him in various deals and he is charged for murder when she falls from their terrace while he is trying to save her. The gang decides to find his daughter and they are surprised to know that she is Pallavi. Since her uncles poisons her mind talking ill about her father she initially insults AVS, but then she realizes that AVS is innocent and now mentally retarded. "

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