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Upayamlo Apayam ( 1967 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " As the name suggests, Upayamlo Apayam means there is always a problem awaiting after a problem is solved.In the movie Upayamlo Apayam, Peddababu is the owner of a very large property.In which Nagabhushanam is pretending as a very honest person and trying to betray him.Nagabhushanam is a very big theif in the past.Once in Singapore, he saves Peddababu from bomb blast and acts as a very honest and decent person and tries to betray him.At a certain point of time, he even tries to kill him to adopt the property.At the same time Peddababu gets the news about the past life of Nagabhushanam and he goes to Singapore to confirm it.Did Nagabhusham succeed in this mission, forms the rest of the story. "

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