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Upendra ( 1990 ) , Kannada

Synopsis: " It's always tough to fight with bureaucracy. Subhash Chandra Gandhi (Upendra) finds this out the hard way - when his attempt to fight for the pension of an absolute stranger leads to all-out war with the local goondas and MLAs.Gandhi is a man who is used to travelling in limousine.He happens to be the ultra-rich heir to the prestigious Gandhi & Gandhi group of industries, a London-based company.Why is Gandhi not using his clout and money to threaten the pension office? Why is he fighting for the pension of an old man he doesn't know? Why is Gandhi in India in the first place?Gandhi is married to a girl Indira (Nayantara) who cheated him into marriage because she has an agenda of revenge. How Gandhi gets to turn her around, but mainly, how he changes India from a land of losers, corruption and poverty to a land of honesty and riches, forms the plot. "

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