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Urimai Geetham ( 1988 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Bhoominathan (Charu Haasan), an honest politician, wins the election and becomes the CM designate. A felicitation function is organized to celebrate his victory. In the function, he is assasinated by Thyagu (Prabhu), an unployed youth. Thyagu is captured and when questioned, denies having killed Bhoominathan. On the other hand, Boominathan's son Chandru (Karthik) is out to get the killer of his father. Thyagu escapes from police custody to prove his innocence. Chandru manages to reach Thyagu, but Thyagu tells him the same story. What is the truth? Who is the killer of Bhoominathan, if not Thyagu? Is Thyagu telling the truth? Will Chandru believe his story and help him find the true culprit? The suspense unfolds as the story progresses. "

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