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Usha Parinayam ( 1961 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Usha (Jamuna) is the daughter of Vanarasura (S.V.Ranga Rao).Vanrasura wants to take revenge over gods, who had killed his father.So he prays Lord Shiva and requests him to stay in his house as a door-keeper.Lord Shiva comes home with Goddess Parvathi and bless Usha that her future husband will come in her dreams.To teach Vanarasura a lesson, all the Gods arrange that Anirudha (Kantha Rao) comes to Usha's dreams.Usha's friend Chitra brings Anirudha and gets both of them married.But when Vnarasura comes to know about their marriage he imprison Anirudha.Will Anirudha and Usha ever meet again? Watch out in the movie Usha Parinayam. "

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