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Vannatamizh Paatu ( 2000 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Bhoopathy (Prabhu) and Bhuvana (Manichandana) get married in unexpected circumstances. Though Bhoopathy's father is aware of it, the couple are asked to seek the blessings of Bhuvana's father Muthumanickam (Radha Ravi). However, keeping in mind that Muthumanickam does not approve of love marriages, Bhoopathy enters Bhuvana's house disguised as a servant. Even as they are still waiting for an opportune time, Bhuvana is engaged to her cousin Venu while her sister Devi falls in love with Bhoopathy. Only Bhuvana's mother is aware of the truth about her daughter's marriage, but she is unable to help them. The rest of the plot reveals if Bhoopathy succeeds in convincing his father-in-law or falls a victim to his anger. "

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