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Varakatnam ( 1968 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Varakatnam is a love story that revolves around one man who has to choose between the three women who are all in love with him. Anand (Shaam) is an MBA graduate, looking out for a job. He rents an apartment, owned by an orthodox brahmin landlord. The landlord's daughter, Chandra (Sneha) moves back in with her father after her abusive husband dies in an accident. She starts to take a liking towards Anand, who treats her with nothing but respect and admiration. Anand meets Bharathi (Nandana), a modern day independent woman who provides for her family. She misplaces her academic certificates on a bus which, Anand returns to her. She finds Anand to be an honest and a trustworthy person and falls for him. One day, Anand rescues Divya Daisy, who has an accident. Divya Daisy (Aparna) is an orphan who's raised in a church by the priest. She is a socially conscious woman who wants to make a difference. She becomes really fond of Anand and eventually falls in love with him. Who Anand chooses and finally gets married to is the crux of the story. "

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