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Vedha ( 2008 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Vedha Tamil Movie: Cast: Arun Vijay, Jerovardhan, Sheela, Seetha, Satyaprakash, Sima Megalai, Karunas, Mayilsami, Bose Venkat Director: R Nithya Kumar Producer: K. Niranjan, Vasu Baskar Music: Srikanth Deva Cinematography: Vijayagopal, Santonio Art Direction: R. Mohan Screenplay: R. Nithya Kumar Story/Writer: Vasu Bhaskar Vedha Tamil Full Movie - Sheela & Arun Vijay A rich widow seethe has two loving sons, Arun Vijay a businessman whose world revolves around his younger brother Jerovardhan, studying in a college. Arun vijay would do anything for his brother. Vijay falls in love with sheela and after a few duet songs, they make love in rain. Jerovardhan also falls in love with same girl without realizing she is brother's girl and threatens to commit suicide. Conveniently vedha has some heart ailment. Arun vijay makes supreme sacrifice of giving his girl in marriage to his younger girl. At one night Sheela spills out the beans to her ex-lover that on the day "" they had mushroom omelet and made love"", she got pregnant. Jerovardhan overhears and walks off, meantime villain Sathya kidnaps Arun Vijay who is tortured and drugged. How Arun vijay escapes from villain with mysterious heroic action gives the climax. Watching it for one time even though its tragedy film won't hurt you. For more full length tamil movies To Subscribe For Tamil Videos�ies "

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