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Vellikizhamai Viratham ( 1974 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " The story revolves around Rajan (Sivakumar) who develops a hatred for snakes, as a snake was responsible for his mother's death. But destiny plays a strange game with him. He falls in love with Parvathi (Jayachitra) who is an ardent believer of the snake God. This difference in opinion creates a rift in their otherwise happily married life. However, they are ignorant of the fact that Jaya (Jayasudha) and her brother who works as an employee for Rajan are waiting to take advantage of the differences between them. The only saviour in their time of crisis is the snake that is worshipped by Parvathi. Will Parvathi and her prayers safeguard her husband and his wealth? Or will the snake that she worships so religiously, be the reason to seperate her from her beloved husband? "

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