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Venkatho Alivelu ( 2007 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Venkat comes from Vaizag to Hyderabad in search of job. Alivelu also joins in the same company whose managing director is M.S. Narayana. Company provides accommodation for both of them on temporary-share basis! They fall into trouble when a gang of Omkar runs after a person who holds the key map of a quest and that person leaves that info with the girl Alivelu incidentally at the time of chase which is she unaware of. To get the clue that gang tries to fix her somewhere on her way to the office. Venkat and Alivelu approach police to complain about the threat, horrified by the attempt of mobsters. The police inspector who tries to save the couple dies in that effort making the situation yet worse. How they get out of the trouble is the remaining story. "

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