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Vidukathai ( 1987 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Neena is a girl of 17, fearless, care free and intelligent and Janakaraj is her psychologist, heart patient father who claims to have raised her like a boy. Janakaraj dies after telling her that she will find the right person one day Along comes Prakash Raj, a retired military clerk of 41 as a tenant. Watch how the indecision in his character is built up starting with his lodge stay. One night while having dinner with Neena he is half drunk and blurts out that his youth has been wasted. Prakash Raj agrees to the wedding after a few interesting incidents between them but has lingering feelings of inadequacy due to his age. Another psychiatrist family friend tries to explain away Neena's feelings as a father fixation but she is not one to budge from her decision. At this point you would start wondering as to what the ending would be - whether they would stay together or split. Prakash Raj's complex takes various forms culminating in his decision to leave the house and his wife - the climax. What actually happens in that scene is worth watching. Rather than divulge the actual ending it would suffice to say that while the movie is about an older and younger person falling in love, the director, in the last scene, makes you wonder who is really older and more mature than the other - Prakash Raj weeps like a child on Neena's lap in the closing scene. "

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